Monday, February 14, 2011

Thirty One Party Options

Party Plans

Benefits of being a Thirty-One Hostess  
Ask about how you can recieve a special booking bonus!  
 Party Sales   FREE Products1/2 PriceHostess DiscountHostess Shipping
$1,000 and up   20%510%FREE
$750-999   20%   4    10%       FREE    
$500-749    15%    3    10%    FREE  
$350-499    10%    2    10%    8%   
$200-349    10%       10%    8%   

 *$200 in sales qualifies for party benefits
Home Party
With a home party, you can enjoy the opportunity to invite your friends and family over to experience Thirty-One in the comfort of your home.  I will provide a beautiful display of the Thirty-One gift products that I have available and you and your guests can see for yourself the beauty and quality of the products.  Many party guests have told me that a home party is the very best way to experience what Thirty-One has to offer.  It doesn’t have to be an elaborate event, a couple of snacks and some punch is all you need-I’ll do the rest!  The best part is that in addition to the hostess benefits mentioned above, hostesses get to take advantage of monthly hostess-only specials!  New for Spring 2011, hostess exclusive items.  Only hostesses can purchase our special garment bag and rolling tote!
Some of us just don’t have the time to prepare our house for guests!  Many busy women do their socializing out of the house – at work, at church, at the grocery store!  A Thirty-One “Party-To-Go” may be just the thing for you.  I’ll provide you with a sample of Thirty-One gift items to take with you along with catalogs, order forms and instructions.  You can show your mini-display to your co-workers, church friends, fellow carpoolers and the Post Office clerk!  They can place orders with an outside order form and when you are ready to turn in your orders, I’ll take care of the rest!  You can share the Thirty-One experience with the other women in your life in a fun and convenient “Party-To-Go”.

Catalog Party  
It’s as easy as passing around a few catalogs to friends, family, co-workers, church friends and others.  I can even send catalogs directly to friends and family who may not live locally.  I’ll set up a personalized online Hostess Portal just for you.  Your guests can place orders online or they can easily place an order with you using an easy order form.  You’ll benefit from the party orders and everyone will benefit from this time-saving opportunity. 
Online Party
In this age of technology, some of our best relationships are maintained by Facebook and other social networking sites.  By hosting an online party, I’ll set up your personalized online Hostess Portal and send invitations out by email to your virtual “guests.”  Your guests can browse the catalogs and place orders online.  All you have to do is sit back and experience all the benefits of hosting a Thirty-One party!  It’s easy, it’s fast and there are no dishes to clean afterward! 
Sick of selling candy bars?  By hosting a Thirty-One party, your participants will can get unique items with the proceeds benefiting your worthy club, team or organization.  Instead of earning the usual hostess benefits, your organization will get a portion of the sales in return.  This is a win-win for the participants and the organization.  Fundraisers can be done in person or in an online/catalog format.  You choose what works best for you!
 I offer several party options to fit your schedule and lifestyle.  My goal is to provide you with the best Thirty-one experience, so let me know how I can make it work for you! 

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